This girl’s smile…


This girl’s smile…

Holy muscle

Holy muscle

jennine’s combo part one. 

"Abby just picks her favorite."

Nia Frazier speaking the truth (via fuckyesdancemoms) 


So Gino called Maddie a Hoe and ugly/disgusting on you now..and it was a problem when a 11 year old girl said he was “gross.” Then after she said Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean but he is..but No one said anything when in the episode he said Maddie isn’t that good a dancer and Abby makes her LOOK…

When did Gino call maddie a hoe???



Here’s the video when someone asks a question about Chloe’s ‘lazy eye’ … which btw, she doesn’t have. Chloe looked SO uncomfortable!

Who raised this girl? Get some common sense. How can someone be so insensitive and also just plain stupid? I hope her parents see this and have a conversation because this is not okay or normal behavior. Poor Chloe, but you can tell how uncomfortable the other fans were too. Chloe is such a great and beautiful kid, and she’s super sensitive about things. It’s awkward enough being 13. You don’t need to be reminded of some awful experience your idiot teacher made you go through by someone your age who has clearly not been told wrong from right. I just want to hug her. I hope these comments don’t stick with her. Sometimes you can get a million compliments and only remember the one bad one. I hope she knows how beautiful she is. I hope the next person asking a question just told her she was beautiful. This makes me so sad, not just for chloe, but for the fact that people think it’s okay to ask that.

Oh my God poor baby felt so bad. That girl needs to learns what is and isn’t appropriate to ask but I honestly don’t feel like she had bad intentions. I wanna hear the rest of what Christi said

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If I had been Chloe... 


I would have walked away from that ignorant girl without saying a word and not allowed her to re-ask the question.

Her reaction just breaks my heart. You don’t even have to listen to the video, just watching it you can see Chloe fighting back tears.

I understand fans just want to know things,…

What the girl said??

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do Chloe got a boyfriend because on her ask she talks to this boy like they're real close.

I have no idea sorry. I don’t think Christi wouldn’t Chloe have a boyfriend right now bit I could be wrong